His sound is an mix of emotional, intimate and modern orchestral scapes, infused with expressive electronic textures. Tom’s collaborations with filmmakers are key to better tell stories through music.

Tom sums up his work with: adding emotion to stories, because the visual stimulus of an audience watching a story is only satisfied to its fullest with music that truly completes the story. During his studies, Tom was mentored by Tom Holkenborg (DJ Junkie XL) who worked with legends such as Harry Gregson-Williams and Hans Zimmer. Mr. Holkenborg became Tom’s idol and inspiration to succeed on the journey of becoming a DJ of modern music who learned to anticipate with a live audience and now transforms the understanding and envisioning of their desires into his work as composer and producer. Tom is a graduate of Conservatorium ArtEZ in the studies of composing, producing, and songwriting, and as an audio professional partner of the GameLab East Foundation (Netherlands), he has been writing and composing music for commercial and creative industries in the fields of new media, film, tv, games, and art for over a decade.

5 Most recent compositions