Dec 2020
Bombare B.V.

*Ongoing project* After a sinister organization starts kidnapping talking animals in the city, a stoic circus director teams up with a talking bear, a depressed clown, and a fiery magician to save their circus, but when old secrets come to light, the world they thought they knew comes crashing down.

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“Bombastic” is an animated series, set in an alternative universe. It’s aimed at an adult audience (20-34).  “Bombastic” explores themes like discrimination, mental illness, corruption and poverty, but it shouldn’t be jarring or overly complex for a young audience (12-18) to grasp. The look and feel of the show, with talking animals among the characters, make that possible..

However, “Bombastic” is aimed in the first place at this adult audience, because the themes it explores are darker and more mature than a typical children’s’ series would be, and are thoroughly explored. Secondly, while ‘talking animals’ are typically found in children’s stories, the idea of talking animals is treated in a new way in “Bombastic”. This story asks the question: what if animals could talk? How would that affect our society?

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