Composer & SoundDesigner

Timbré (Game)

Dec 2021
Unreal Engine
Epic Games: Epic MegaJam
Composer, SoundDesigner

!!WINNER!! of the Epic Games MegaJam 2021 Conductor award. Best storytelling through music.

#Award #Composer #OST #Game #SoundDesigner

Timbre is a musical game about bringing together a group of instruments who have lost their space. Without space, their sounds cannot travel to us. Discover their lost world and bring their music back together! ♫

Timbre contains no written words. The entirety of the game is communicated through sounds and music. Created for the Epic MegaJam 2021, with the theme "Running out of space".


CONDUCTOR - For the game with the best storytelling through music

Art: Gerben Pasjes

Programming: Daniel Torkar, Arnoud Poll Jonker

Music: Tom Hoesstee

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